Radeon users get Rage graphics driver—for real this time

Yeah, so, turns out the Rage driver AMD released yesterday wasn't all it was cracked up to be. The driver somehow made it online with "very old" OpenGL files that caused all sorts of nastiness in id's new shooter. Good news, though: a proper Catalyst beta driver for Rage is now available. AMD posted it earlier this afternoon.

The release notes say this package includes "the latest OpenGL driver component for Rage performance optimizations." Otherwise, AMD makes the same claims as before: performance increases are in store for single-GPU Radeon HD 5000 and 6000 configurations. According to the CatalystCreator Twitter feed, folks with Radeon HD 4000-series cards can also expect "good gains."

Planning to punctuate your wasteland exploration with some Battlefield 3 beta matches? Well, too bad. The CatalystCreator feed also reveals this driver doesn't include the same BF3 optimizations as last week's Catalyst 11.10 preview driver. A "unified" driver is purportedly in the works, but for now, getting the best experience in both games may involve juggling driver releases—and some amount of frustration.

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