Free Portal 2 DLC beefs up co-op mode

Frustrated with bugs in Rage? This might help you pass the time until Bethesda, Nvidia, and AMD iron out all the kinks. Valve has released a free piece of downloadable content for Portal 2, extending the game's co-op mode with what sounds like a new campaign. Here's the skinny, straight from the official Portal 2 blog:

An all-new co-op adventure starring Atlas, P-Body and GLaDOS, the free DLC "Peer Review" takes place an unknown period of time after the events of Portal 2. You and your co-op science partner are once again awoken and assembled for a dangerous new mission. Did we say "dangerous"? We meant routine. Everything's fine. That slight note of terror you're hearing in GLaDOS's voice is probably just an audio calibration error. Anyway, on with your suicide mission. And when we say "suicide mission" we mean it would be suicide not to take this mission. Because it's so safe. Everything's fine.

As if to draw gamers away from this fall's new releases, Valve has also coordinated the DLC release with a 50%-off Portal 2 sale. The game is available for $14.99 through Thursday on Steam. A two-pack can be nabbed for $27.49, if you want to enlist a buddy to help you beat the co-op puzzles. (Portal 2's co-op campaign is solely a two-player affair.)

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