Report: 2560x1440 display coming to ultrabooks

We've long complained about the lack of high-density displays in modern laptops. Just about everything from 11.6" ultraportables to 15" desktop replacements seems to be stuck with a display resolution of 1366x768. According to VR-Zone, help is on the way. The site says 13.3" panels with 2560x1440 pixels will start appearing in ulrabooks early next year.

We heard during the Intel Developer Forum that the 10", 2048x1536 display rumored to grace the next-gen iPad is indeed available but very expensive. With a similar pixel density, the purported 2560x1400 13.3-incher probably won't be cheap, either. If it does appear in ultrabooks, expect the panel to be confined to premium models that live above the $1,000 mark.

Expect a hit on battery life, too. Slides shown at IDF suggest that the panel electronics and backlights needed to drive higher-resolution displays will suck more wattage than existing designs. At least they'll be thin; VR-Zone says the screen destined for ultrabooks is just 3 mm thick.

I expect folks will have to mess around with font sizes to make a 2560x1440 resolution usable on a 13.3" screen, but photo editing should be a joy. There's no mention of whether the display uses IPS, TN, or another panel technology, though. Fingers crossed.

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