Steve Jobs remembrances roll forth

Last night's news of Steve Jobs' death has produced a bunch of tributes of various types. For a straightforward obituary, one could do worse than the WSJ's fine write-up. More interesting, if you're already familiar with the outlines of Jobs' career, is this more personal recollection from the Journal's Walt Mossberg, who shared a friendship with Jobs over the years.

Along somewhat similar lines, you'll want to read the regrets of the Gizmodo editor who snagged the prototype iPhone 4 and ended up enmeshed in conflict with Apple. Contrary to expectations, perhaps, Mr. Jobs comes out of that tale looking pretty decent.

Of course, there's also a note from our own Mac blogger, Jason Fox.

Another person in an interesting position to comment on Jobs' impact is former Apple CEO John Sculley, who famously helped oust Jobs from Apple and now says Jobs was "far more" than "the greatest CEO ever." In that vein, Cyril pointed out this video in which Jobs kind of outlines his plan for Apple before returning to the CEO position.

There's much more, of course, but we haven't had a chance to comb through it all just yet. If you see something else of note, feel free to post in the comments below.

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