Sunday Shortbread

The Pick 6

  1. C|Net: Apple's Steve Jobs still shapes PC laptop future
  2. ATi-Forum: AMD FX-8120 Bulldozer gets listed
    and liquid cooling for AMD's FX series (in German)
  3. X-bit labs: AMD demos 28nm graphics solutions again
  4. MobileBurn: Qualcomm outs details about dual-core S4 mobile processor
  5. C|Net: Chrome extension enables remote computer control
  6. Rage updated on Steam


  1. Apple after Steve Jobs: The men who will decide tech giant's fate - Huff Post Tech
  2. Legit Reviews has 90GB Corsair Force Series GT SSD contest

  1. TBreak's HTC ChaCha review
Software and gaming

  1. Microsoft security bulletin advance notification for October 2011
  2. AppleInsider: Mac OS X Lion and iTunes to get iCloud updates ahead of iOS
  3. Bethesda: Nobody enjoys being 'forced' to sue Mojang - Joystiq
  4. Joystiq has new Might & Magic Heroes VI trailer
  5. Todd Harris interview with Cyberlink about Tribes ascend
  6. TojiCode - Source Engine level in WebGL: video + source

  1. TweakTown reviews 620W Jou Jye BW-B620JL PSU
  2. Real World Labs on Antec Twelve Hundred V3 case
  3. TestFreaks review Silenx Effizio EFZ-92HA3 CPU cooler
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