eToys targeted for destruction

Here's a fun little story on ZDNet. eToys, the online toystore has been targeted by a protest group that is asking people to sabotage the company by hacking its web site, among other things. Why is the group so upset? Well, eToys has taken the owner of to court, and won an injunction in L.A. to keep the owner from using the domain, with a fine of $10,000 per day if they violate the injunction.

Another case of a company smacking down a cybersquatter, right? Wrong. is an artist group based in Europe, and they've had the domain for over four years; that's two years longer than eToys has even been in existence, folks. I wish I had more information on why the judge even granted the injunction; this looks like a load of crap to me. Besides, what can a Los Angeles court do to a website operating in Europe? Take away their L.A. privileges? (Sorry, had to work in a Pulp Fiction reference.)

I'm not going to say it's right to attack a company's website over this, but I can see where the frustration might come from. A two year old company sues a European group in a Los Angeles court to get a domain that the group reserved two years before the company was founded. Am I missing something, or is this just total bulls#@!?

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