Report: Jobs left behind four-year roadmap

Steve Jobs will likely be remembered for bringing us the next big thing time and again. From the sound of it, his creative flame may stay ablaze for a few years, even after his untimely passing. A Times story quoted by Develop says Jobs' legacy at Apple includes a four-year product roadmap and a "new line of products to be rolled out over the next two to three years."

Word is that Jobs "already laid plans" for the next generation of iPhone, iPod, and iPad, as well. Develop says the Times refers to next year's iPhone as a "legacy device," meaning it will be Jobs' baby. Apple is also expected to roll out a line of TVs, although Develop's talk of a "full touch-screen TV" doesn't sound too plausible. (Who wants to get up from the couch and poke at their TV screen?) Some kind of successor to the Apple TV may be in the cards, though.

I don't think Apple has confirmed the report (that would be very much unlike them), but it probably goes without saying that Jobs had some input on Apple's future product cycles before he passed. The question, I suppose, is how extensive that input was. Either way, I hope Apple continues to upset the status quo for many years to come—the world of technology may get awfully boring otherwise.

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