webOS's fate could be sealed today

TouchPad fire sale notwithstanding, webOS has pretty much been on life support since August 18. Will it be moved to a different hospital or booted back into the street? We'll find out soon, according to AppleInsider. The site quotes "people familiar with the company's plans" as saying HP will hold a meeting today that "may reveal its future plans for selling or spinning off the [webOS] group."

AppleInsider reckons a sell-off is more likely than a spin-off, simply because webOS seems ill-equipped to fend for itself in the marketplace. As the site points out, even Microsoft is facing an uphill battle to push Windows Phone 7 amid heavy competition from Android, iOS, and other, smaller players.

Who could buy webOS? Believe it or not, VentureBeat reported last month that Amazon was in "serious negotiations" to snap up the business from HP. The story went so far as to say the e-tail giant was "closest to finalizing the deal, among a handful of contenders." Amazon is clearly serious about getting into the tablet arena, as evidenced by the freshly announced Kindle Fire—and it's also shown a reluctance to adopt pre-cooked software. While the Kindle Fire runs Android, it has a custom user interface and heavily emphasizes Amazon's own software. Amazon pushing its own mobile operating system doesn't sound like such a stretch.

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