Poll: What do you think of Bulldozer?

In case you haven't noticed, Bulldozer is out. Our review of the first desktop implementations of AMD's all-new microarchitecture isn't terribly positive. Finding a silver lining among the mountain of performance, power efficiency, overclocking, and value data we collected sure is tough.

We're curious to see what you think of the chip, so we've made it the subject of our latest poll. You can let us know what you think by voting below or in the middle column on the front page.

Our last poll asked how game developers should deliver higher-quality art assets for PC releases. A 64% majority would prefer to see PC games released after their console counterparts if it means things like higher-resolution textures will be included. 23% don't want to wait; they'd rather see PC games updated with more graphical goodness after coming out alongside console flavors. The remaining 13% stubbornly insist that gameplay is everything, and that they don't care about art quality.

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