Lenovo outshined Dell globally last quarter

Wow, what's happening to U.S.-based PC vendors? As HP's PC business lies on the chopping board, Gartner reports that Lenovo outshipped Dell last quarter, stealing the number-two spot and knocking Dell to third place worldwide. Check out the research firm's preliminary share numbers for the global market:

Vendor Q3 2010 share Q3 2011 share Shipment growth
HP 17.3% 17.7% 5.3%
Lenovo 11.1% 13.5% 25.2%
Dell 12.2% 11.6% -1.4%
Acer 14.2% 10.6% -23.2%
Asus 5.4% 6.2% 18.5%

Dell suffered even greater decline in shipments back home, although it managed to hold on to the silver medal. Here are Gartner's preliminary U.S. numbers:

Vendor Q3 2010 share Q3 2011 share Shipment growth
HP 25.4% 28.9% 15.1%
Dell 23.8% 21.9% -7.2%
Apple 10.8% 12.9% 21.5%
Toshiba 8.8% 8.4% -3.9%
Acer 10.5% 7.8% -25.4%

Gartner attributes Dell's poor performance to "intensified competition in the professional space, where Dell has been traditionally strong." Looks like Acer didn't do too great, either (even if the Gartner press release doesn't say much about them). On the other side of the spectrum, HP managed to beat the 3.2% global growth rate and 1.1% U.S. growth rate—that's despite announcing plans to spin off or to sell its PC division. Apple took the cake domestically by far, though.

Overall, Gartner says its preliminary data suggests PC shipments grew slightly slower than expected globally. That's due in part to slowdown in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region. The firm says the U.S. PC market actually "experienced year-over-year growth for the first time in three quarters."

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