EA shows off 10 minutes of Syndicate gameplay

In case you haven't heard, there's a Syndicate reboot on the way. The new game will ditch the isometric perspective and tactical elements of the original in favor of something that, based on the ten minutes of gameplay footage released on YouTube, looks much more like a traditional first-person shooter. Executive Producer Jeff Gaiman provides narration for the video, which follows the player through an early mission in the game.

I've gotta say, the world and characters do bear a resemblance to what I'd expect from the Syndicate universe. The game also incorporates a "breaching" mechanic that combines the original's Persuadertron with more traditional hacking elements. Throw in character upgrades and a bullet-time mode that allows you to "see the dataverse" through a Predatoresque overlay, and there's a lot to like.

While I'm excited to play Syndicate, I cringed when Gaiman introduced the "first legacy weapon" in the new game. This so-called Gauss gun is capable of curving bullets around corners, but it bears absolutely no resemblance to its namesake from the original, which was a long-range rocket launcher. Noticing a trend yet?

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