Next Rage patch to improve texture detail

Most of the initial kinks are now ironed out, and the megatexture tech truly makes for some stunning views... but parts of Rage's game world still look blurry up close. It's true—and it gets pretty bad in some areas. Relief is coming, though, if you can stand to wait for another patch. id Software's John Carmack tweeted the following on Friday:

We have a bicubic-upsample+detail texture option for the next PC patch that will help alleviate the blurry textures in Rage.

He added in a second tweet:

@DesignerDon our first test of a higher res page file didn't help much, because most source textures didn't actually have any more detail.

That's good news for those of us with data quotas on our Internet connections. Rage is a nearly 20GB dowload as it is, and higher-res megatextures would only inflate that already huge footprint. Part of me is disappointed to hear the actual source art doesn't have more detail, though. I suppose we might have to wait for Doom 4 to see megatextures shine up close. That title is supposed to run at a lower frame rate with "three times the graphics richness" of Rage.

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