More future ultrabooks could have hybrid storage

If you've followed the recent ultrabook releases, you might have noticed that Acer's Aspire S3 features 20GB of solid-state storage and 320GB of mechanical storage. Some other ultrabooks ship with only SSDs, but according to DigiTimes, hybrid solutions may win out as ultrabooks seep into the mainstream.

Since storage components account for about 10-15% of ultrabook's total cost, to fulfill Intel's goal of launching ultrabook with a price below US$1,000 and its demand of having a boot-up time in between 8-45 seconds and physical size smaller than a standard 9.5mm hard drive, notebook brand vendors have eyed hybrid HDD as their new storage choice. . . . Although the initial wave of ultrabook models is still mainly adopting SSDs, models with hybrid HDDs may start appearing in later waves of ultrabook launches.

In other words, ultrabooks should be able to meet Intel's boot speed requirements with hybrid storage solutions, and adopting such solutions should let ultrabook makers slip under $1,000. That sounds like a win-win, considering 128GB and 256GB SSDs are still relatively expensive.

For reference, Asus' Zenbook ultrabooks have all-solid-state storage, but they start at $999 for an 11.6" configuration. The same goes for Apple's cheapest MacBook Air. The base Acer Aspire S3 model with hybrid storage, meanwhile, has a 13.3" display and an $899 price tag.

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