Video tutorial demystifies liquid nitrogen overclocking

Hoping to build a liquid-nitrogen-cooled overclocking rig this weekend? What do you mean, "no"? Okay, well, if you were, you'd probably enjoy Corsair's latest tutorial video. In it, extreme overclocker Jake Crimmins demystifies the whole concept, showing that that cooling an overclocking rig with liquid nitrogen isn't that hard—you just need the right equipment... and a blowtorch.

Crimmins claims he managed to hit a 3DMark 2011 top-10 score with his Core i7-990X pushed to 5.79GHz, quite a respectable increase over the stock 3.47GHz. That might be shy of recent Guinness records, but in this case, it doesn't look like any cores were disabled.

Liquid nitrogen is a wonderful thing, and not just for extreme overclocking. Now if only someone would come up with a room-temperature superconductor...

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