Batman: Arkham City gets rave reviews, November 15 PC release

Batman: Arkham Asylum was a surprise hit, setting expectations high for its sequel, Arkham City. The console crowd gets to play the new game today, and I have to admit that I'm rather jealous. Arkham City has already amassed Metacritic scores in the 95-97% range, and it looks pretty sweet.

A few weeks ago, we learned that Arkham City's PC release would be pushed until November. Now, VG24/7 is reporting that the game is scheduled for November 18 in the UK. The site also points to an Amazon listing suggesting that US customers will be able to get their hands on Arkham City on November 15.

The PC version of Arkham City is slated to feature additional graphical goodness not found in console flavors of the game. In addition to PhysX and 3D Vision support, PC gamers can look forward to fog effects and other DirectX 11 eye candy. If you want to upgrade your graphics card for the game, note that Asus has come up with a special Arkham City bundle for select GeForce models.

Miss out on Rocksteady's first stab at the Batman franchise? Now's a good time to catch up. Amazon is currently selling the first game for only $11.

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