Apple revenue, iPhone shipments miss Street forecasts

On the heels of Intel, Apple posted record breaking quarterly results of its own this afternoon. However, as Reuters reports, Apple shares took a tumble in the aftermath because the company's revenue and iPhone shipments missed Wall Street analyst forecasts.

Here's how much money Apple made last quarter:

   Q4FY10 Q3FY11 Q4FY11
Revenue $20.34 billion $28.57 billion $28.27 billion
Net profit $4.31 billion $7.31 billion $6.62 billion
Gross margin 36.9% 41.7% 40.3%

And here's how many devices it shipped:

   Q3FY10 Q2FY11 Q3FY11
iPhones 8.4 million 20.34 million 17.07 million
iPads 3.27 million 9.25 million 11.12 million
Macs 3.47 million 3.95 million 4.89 million
iPods 9.41 million 7.54 million 6.62 million

Reuters says analysts were expecting "roughly 20 million" iPhone shipments and $29.69 billion in revenue for the quarter. That's despite Apple's own revenue forecast of $25 billion, which it made in July. One would guess the iPhone 5 hype of recent weeks curbed demand ahead of the iPhone 4S's launch, which took place right before the end of Apple's fourth fiscal quarter.

Nevertheless, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer boasts, "We are extremely pleased with our record September quarter revenue and earnings." Oppenheimer adds that he expects revenue for the next quarter to climb to $37 billion.

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