Asus teases next Eee Pad Transformer

We've had no shortage of rumors about Asus' second-gen Eee Pad Transformer. Now, Asus has posted a video on its Facebook wall that teases the upcoming device, even going so far as to show a few glimpses of it. Behold:

The video suggests Asus' next Transformer will have a Zenbook-like aluminum chassis with the same kind of thin concentric ridges around the Asus logo. I'm also seeing evidence of a thin, tapered chassis that takes after the iPad 2—certainly nothing as chunky and rectangular as the original Transformer. The keyboard dock seems to have gotten a makeover with glossier keys and tapered edges, as well, which I'm less crazy about.

A recent DigiTimes story revealed Asus plans to charge $499 for the second-generation Transformer. Rumor has it the device will be powered by Nvidia's quad-core Kal-El processor. There's no word on a release date quite yet, but the rumor mill predicted an October launch not long ago.

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