OCZ firmware update battles SandForce BSOD bug

When we concluded our recent SSD round-up, we ended up recommending a handful of SandForce-based drives based on their pack-leading performance and strong value proposition. However, we had to temper those recommendations with a word of caution about the so-called BSOD bug that strikes some systems seemingly at random. Now, OCZ has released a 2.15 firmware update for its Vertex 3, Agility 3, and Solid 3 SSDs that purportedly banishes the BSOD bug.

According to the official release notes (PDF), the 2.15 firmware addresses BSOD errors associated with running the SSDs as OS drives. The firmware also deals with problems related to various sleep modes, and it purportedly eliminates stuttering that could have occurred after an error reading the drive. Interestingly, the release notes also mention an improved TRIM implementation—but the changes are said to impact system stability rather than improving performance. SandForce SSDs have a notoriously relaxed TRIM mechanism that takes its time reclaiming cleared flash pages, resulting in slower used-state performance.

The folks in the OCZ forums seem pretty happy with the update, so it's worth a shot if you've been hit by the BSOD bug. I'll have to get our Agility 3 and Vertex 3 SSDs updated so we can see whether there's any affect on performance. Thanks to TR forum moderator Ryu Connor for the tip.

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