Gnutella not yet a threat to RIAA

C|Net has the story:
According to Frank Creighton, the Recording Industry Association of America's chief anti-piracy officer, the community of file swappers that doesn't trade through a central server just isn't enough of a problem to warrant the efforts leveled at independent OpenNap and other Napster clones. Citing network frailties, privacy issues, and low adoption rates, he said his organization is watching the protean network but isn't yet bothering to crack down on members.

"We have a strategy, but we have yet to implement it," Creighton said, adding that the group could change tactics if the Gnutella service improves.

The RIAA's strategy is to approach ISPs instead of file traders, asking the service providers to block access to Napster-like facilities as if they were Web pages or other sites hosted on the ISPs' servers.

The RIAA certainly could track down Gnutella users. But it would have to go through the process of getting legal warrants to force an ISP to produce the name of each user, a potentially laborious process.

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