Next-gen Eee Pad Transformer launching November 9

Following up on yesterday's teaser video, Asus Chairman Johnny Shih took to the stage at All Things D's AsiaD event in Hong Kong and revealed more details about the next-gen Eee Pad Transformer.

For starters, Shih announced that Asus will, er, formally announce the device on November 9. I guess you could call that a pre-announcement. Shih added that the new Transformer will feature a quad-core Nvidia processor (most likely Kal-El, a.k.a. Tegra 3), a 10-inch display, and USB and min-HDMI ports. With a quoted thickness of just 8.3 mm (0.33"), it sounds like the new Transformer will be just as slim as the iPad 2—and a bit thinner than most other competing tablets. That measurement presumably applies to the tablet portion without the optional keyboard.

On the software front, Shih seemed to hint that the new Transformer will run the freshly served Ice Cream Sandwich release of Android. When asked if the software would appear on tablets "by the end of the year," the Asus Chariman simply responded, "Maybe earlier than that." Ice Cream Sandwich made its big debut on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone a couple of days ago.

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