Otellini: 22-nm Ivy Bridge production began last quarter

While AMD's first 32-nm processors were starting to hit retail shelves last quarter—and AMD apparently had to contend with yield issues at GlobalFoundries—Intel was busy churning out 22-nm Ivy Bridge chips. At least, that's what Intel CEO Paul Otellini stated during his company's third-quarter earnings conference call, according SeekingAlpha's transcript:

During the third quarter, we began volume production of Ivy Bridge on our 22 nanometer process technology. 22 nanometers will usher-in the era of 3-D transistors, which will pay dividends in power, performance and density for generations to come.

Intel actually demonstrated running Ivy Bridge systems back in May, so working chips were definitely coming out of Intel's fabs at that time. Volume production is a whole other story, though, and that's what Otellini talked about this week.

Now, don't hold your breath—the latest whispers from the rumor mill suggest Ivy Bridge might not become commercially available until next spring. That ought to give AMD a little time to sort out its 32-nm manufacturing problems with GlobalFoundries, and maybe crank out faster, cheaper FX-series chips that put up more of a fight. (Thanks to Fudzilla for the tip.)

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