Microsoft touts record first-quarter results

Intel and Apple aren’t the only companies to post record financial results. Microsoft, too, has announced the first quarter of its 2012 fiscal year, ended September 30, was a record-breaking one. Revenue climbed 7% from the same quarter a year ago, while net income rose by 6%. Here are the numbers:

   Q1FY11 Q4FY11 Q1FY12
Revenue $16.20 billion $17.37 billion $17.37 billion
Net income $5.41 billion $5.87 billion $5.74 billion

Things aren’t quite as rosy when you compare the last two quarters, but Microsoft does talk of record first-quarter results—not generally record-breaking quarterly results.

In any case, the company quotes revenue increases of 8% for its business division, 10% for its server and tools division, and 2% for its Windows and Windows Live division, which has now sold "over 450 million" Windows 7 licenses. Microsoft says its Bing search engine did well, too, as did its Xbox 360 console, which remained "the top-selling gaming console in the US for the ninth consecutive month."

Microsoft hasn’t shared its revenue forecast for the ongoing quarter, but it says that going forward, its financial results will be coupled with those of Skype. Microsoft closed its acquisition of the voice-over-IP software firm on October 14.

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    • dashbarron
    • 8 years ago

    I thought Bing was hemorrhaging money?

    • albundy
    • 8 years ago

    not quite rosy? their bottom line is in the billions…

    • Arclight
    • 8 years ago

    Congratz are in order i guess. So yeah long live M$, hopefully soon without Ballmar.

      • nanoflower
      • 8 years ago

      When the company is reporting record revenues and the stock is finally moving up some after being stuck in the low $20s forever I don’t think Balmer is going anywhere unless he chooses to move on.

        • Frith
        • 8 years ago

        The share price isn’t moving up; it’s still in the same range it’s been in since 2002:

        [url<][/url<] The price actually fell after the earnings report last night, mostly because sales of Windows fell short of expectations. Ballmar has yet to deliver anything positive. During his reign the market share of Windows Mobile has dropped from 70% to a few percent, they're late to the tablet market and they've lost billions to gain 3.95% of the search market. Bing lost another $494million this quarter, which is a less than previous quarters but is still a lot of money flushed down the drain to achieve very little. The market still has no confidence in Ballmar or the Microsoft management, so despite what you said the share price isn't moving up and pressure is still on Ballmar to deliver.

          • green
          • 8 years ago

          well it’s interesting how people choose to invest in the market
          apple is currently a ‘darling’ stock since it’s on an upward trend
          (seeing an upward trends is basically fueling the upward trend)
          checking apple’s financials, they made $6.62b off $28.27b
          or in other words, to make $1.00 they needed to sell at $4.27
          with microsoft, they made $5.74b off $17.37b
          or using the same measure, to make $1.00 they needed to sell at $3.02
          overall, microsoft needs to put less in effort in selling than apple does
          the 5 and 10-year trend outlook for apple looks much beter than microsoft
          but such things basically makes me think of this:

          given how stable microsoft’s price is, it is basically a ‘blue chip’ stock
          price barely moves, but you’re guaranteed returns through divdends

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