Battlefield 3 trailer reveals more single-player elements

In case you haven't heard, Battlefield 3 gets released on the PC and consoles next week. Most folks are probably looking forward to digging into the game's multiplayer component. After watching the new launch trailer, though, I think I might try the single-player campaign before joining the carnage online. Check it out:

Yeah, I got goosebumps just now, and this is the third time I've watched the trailer. Make that the fourth.

There's a definite Call of Duty vibe to this latest trailer, but as long as it doesn't infect the multiplayer, that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'm intrigued to see what sort of scripted single-player experience can be provided within the Battlefield world, especially since the graphics look nothing short of stunning. The animations are particularly impressive, and the characters seem to have quite a lot of detail. Those visuals will probably be more difficult to fully appreciate within the context of a frantic multiplayer engagement.

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