Monday Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Ars Technica reports Steve Jobs ruled out $5 billion settlement:
    "I will spend my last dying breath" fighting Android
  2. AnandTech reports AMD working on Bulldozer B3 stepping
  3. Nvidia's Jen-Hsun Huang: Windows on ARM should hit tablets
    , battling Intel is a bad idea, would love his chips in iPad
  4. TUAW on iPod's 10th anniversary: Apple design exhibit at MKG Hamburg
  5. StarCraft II - Blizzard DOTA & Mod Tools panel at BlizzCon 2011
  6. Watch the BlizzCon 2011 Diablo III cinematic
  7. BlizzCon 2011: Diablo 15-year retrospective
  8. Blizzard has StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm preview


  1. Steve Jobs profile that aired last night on 60 Minutes
  2. Ars Technica on Google's poker face: mulling a bid for Yahoo! or trying to bait Microsoft?
  3. Ars Technica: Google offers better Chromebook pricing to lure businesses and schools
  4. Slashdot: Lost hour-long Steve Jobs interview found
  5. Huff Post Tech: Steve Jobs biography offers Apple co-founder's take on top tech titans
  6. Dealzon's deals: $30 coupon for 17.3” Toshiba P770-ST4NX2 i7-2630M / GeForce
    GT 540M, $300 off 13.3” MacBook Air 13 MC503LL/A / 128GB SSD, $50 coupon
    for 11.6” hp dm1z AMD Fusion, and $200 coupon for 21.5” hp 420t i3-2100 touch PC

  1. Microsoft's new patent agreement with Compal: A
    new milestone for our Android licensing program
  2. Bye-bye unlimited 4G: Sprint institutes data usage caps - Ars Technica
  3. Verizon Nexapocalypse continues: Galaxy Nexus and
    on Nov. 10 still looking good - Android Central
  4. SlashGear reports Verizon moves to micro SIM card for LTE
  5. Electronista reports T-Mobile makes appeal for iPhone, blames 3G tech
  6. The Inquirer: Microsoft wants to cut the price of Windows Phone devices in half
  7. Huff Post Tech conducts iPhone 4S speed test
  8. Engadget's Nokia N9 review
  9. Engadget: Google Voice app returns to iTunes, iOS 5 crash bug fixed
  10. Ars Technica takes a deep-dive tour of Ice Cream Sandwich with Android's chief engineer
  11. Editorial at Ars Technica: How I learned to stop
    worrying and love the App Store (thanks Eamon)
  12. Ars Technica on the original iPod, 10 years later: a re-review
    and 10 years of the iPod: a design retrospective
  13. TechSpot on Apple iPod: 10 years of the ubiquitous media player

  1. Dedoimedo's Windows 8 recovery options
  2. MakeTechEasier: How to optimize KDE desktop effects
  3. Microsoft: Celebrate a decade of Windows XP by moving to Windows 7
  4. Microsoft Visual Studio Agents 11 developer preview (ISO)

  1. Fragworld.Org: Battlefield 3 community town hall summit with EA & DICE - October 2011
  2. Joystiq reports Blizzard talks console controls for Diablo III
  3. Diablo III Collector's Edition unveiled
  4. Saints Row: The Third 'Cherished Memory' trailer urges caution - Joystiq
  5. Destructoid reports original Sonic game unlockable in Sonic Generations
  6. Yoshida: Final Fantasy XIV to get Vita & smartphone support—Xbox 360 later - Joystiq

  1. AnandTech's Asus Zenbook (UX21) review
  2. SPCR on Puget Computers Serenity Mini
  3. Tech ARP's BIOS option of the week - MPS control version for OS
  4. ocaholic on a world record: 3175MHz @ CL8 and 3095MHz @ CL6
  5. Tbreak on Thermaltake eSports Shock Spin HD jeadphones
  6. Real World Labs on Ineo Tech I-NA309D-Pro USB 3.0 dual-bay RAID enclosure
  7. ReviewStash on Noctua NH-D14 CPU cooler
  8. HardwareOC reviews Alpenföhn Triglav CPU cooler (in German)
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