WHQL-certified 285.62 GeForce drivers primed for BF3

Battlefield 3 is almost upon us, and PC gamers everywhere are priming their systems for its release. GeForce owners will want to grab the latest 285.62 graphics drivers from Nvidia. This WHQL-certified release contains "several performance and compatibility enhancements" related to the new Battlefield game, including all the goodness from the beta 285.27 and 285.38 drivers. Nvidia claims frame rates are up as much as 11% on the GeForce GTX 560. Modest performance gains are also on the menu for a number of other titles.

Speaking of other games, Battlefield isn't the only fresh face. The 285.62 drivers are also recommended for Rage and Batman: Arkham City. The new Batman game isn't due out on the PC until November 15, and I suspect it'll take advantage of the updated PhysX software bundled with the latest GeForce drivers.

If funky 3D goggles are your thing, the new WHQL drivers add 3D Vision profiles for more than a dozen games, including Battlefield 3. A number of new SLI profiles have been added, as well. The official release notes (PDF) have more details if you're curious. You can grab the drivers on this page of GeForce.com.

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