28-nm volume production begins at TSMC

Well, I suppose it's only a matter of time now before the first 28-nm GPUs head into stores. TSMC has announced that volume production of 28-nm silicon has begun at its fabs, and that the first production 28-nm wafers have made their way to the company's customers.

According to TSMC, "High Performance," "High Performance Low Power," and "Low Power" variants of the 28-nm process are all in production right now. Only the "High Performance Mobile Computing" variant is still in the works, but the firm expects to have it prepped for production by next year.

Interestingly, TSMC adds that its 28-nm launch is much bigger than the debut of its 40-nm process three years back:

The number of customer 28nm production tape outs has more than doubled as compared with that of 40nm. At 28nm, there are currently more than 80 customer product tape-outs. The TSMC 28nm process has surpassed the previous generation’s production ramps and product yield at the same point in time due to closer and earlier collaboration with customers.

Customers tapping TSMC's 28-nm process include AMD and Nvidia, which both have 28-nm graphics processors in the works. Both GPU vendors sing the praises of the new process in TSMC's press release, as well.

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