Tuesday Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. Engadget: Netflix U.S. subscriber count drops by 800K in Q3, 21.45 million still streaming
  2. AllThingsD reports Obama starts a Tumblr
  3. A celebration of Steve’s life (video)
  4. AppleInsider: Apple quietly updates MacBook Pro lineup with faster CPUs, graphics

    and Apple building prototype televisions for potential 2012 launch – report

  5. Legit Reviews on Core i7-2700K
  6. WinRumors: hp testing Windows 8 on TouchPad devices?
  7. Engadget: Linux kernel hits 3.1, adds support for NFC and Wiimotes
  8. DICE: We’ll be judged on Battlefield 3 review scores


  1. AllThingsD: Oracle grabs RightNow, a cloud company in the Big Sky state for $1.4 billion
  2. Reuters: Thai floods, hard drive shortage threaten PC sales
  3. Enterprise mobility trends by Forrester Research
  4. WordsByNowak on the world’s worst throttler (officially): Rogers (thanks dpaus)
  5. VR-Zone reports Dell announces the XPS 14z
  6. TC Magazine: Leadtek announces the custom-cooled GeForce GTX 560 Ti Hurricane

    and Arctic introduces the Alpine 11 Plus CPU cooler and Thermaltake unveils the

    Frio Advanced CPU cooler

  7. Dealzon’s deals: $170 coupon for 15.6” Lenovo Z570 i5-2410M / 8GB RAM / GeForce

    GT 540M, $100 coupon for 13.3” Sony Vaio VPCSB190X i3-2310M. $30 coupon for

    21.5” hp Omni 220xt Quad i5-2400S PC, and $75 off 120GB OCZ Agility 3 2.5″ SSD


  1. Engadget: Supernote lets you take some pretty super notes on your Asus tablet (video)
  2. TC Magazine: ViewSonic ViewPad 7e tablet to ship in North America by year’s end
  3. Engadget: Siri ported to iPad, still getting silent treatment from Apple servers
  4. Nokia World: Here’s what to expect on the Windows Phone front
  5. Engadget: Motorola Razer open for unlocked bootloader business, if the carrier says so

    and LG Optimus Eye: LTE smartphone renamed with a view to landing in Canada

  6. Tbreakr reviews Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S
  7. Benchmark Reviews: Configure Android as Wi-Fi Internet hotspot
  8. MegaTechGuide: What you need to know about Ice Cream Sandwich

Software and gaming

  1. MS nerd shares rumor: Windows 8 in August 2012
  2. Fraps 3.4.7 released
  3. GameSpot: Lenovo-powered game console slated for December release
  4. Istartedsomething: Anonymous Microsoft employee claims

    Xbox Live auto-renewal policy to change for the better

  5. CVG: New Medal of Honor hinted by Battlefield 3 insert
  6. CNN on why video games are key to modern science
  7. Futurelooks previews Battlefield 3
  8. Hardware Heaven on Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The Missing Link DLC
  9. Techgage reviews Orcs Must Die

Systems and storage

  1. AnandTech, Engadget, and Hardware Heaven review Dell XPS 14z
  2. OCC reviews CyberPower Gamer Xtreme 1000 SE
  3. TechReviewSource on hp Pavilion dv7-6195us
  4. Phoronix tests AMD FX-8150 Bulldozer on Ubuntu Linux
  5. PureOC reviews Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7
  6. HotHardware’s OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid PCI-E SSD
  7. XSReviews on 240GB Kingston HyperX SATA III SSD
  8. Hi Tech Legion reviews 120GB Patriot Pyro SE SATA III SSD

Multimedia, power, case & cooling

  1. X-bit labs review Sapphire HD 6870 DiRT 3 and HD 6850 Vapor-X
  2. Guru3D reviews Palit GeForce GTX 560 Ti Twin Light LE
  3. Madshrimps review Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition keyboard
  4. Vortez reviews SteelSeries 7G Pro gaming keyboard
  5. OCIA reviews 750W OCZ ZS series PSU
  6. Rbmods on Antec Solo II case
  7. Neoseeker on Cooler Master Notepal X-Slim notebook cooler
  8. Björn3D reviews Thermaltake Frio OCK
  9. ProClockers review Gelid GX-7 CPU cooler
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    • blorbic5
    • 8 years ago

    New learning thermostat from the creator of the Ipod.

    [url<]http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/10/25/creator-ipod-aims-to-make-saving-energy-sexy/[/url<] [url<]http://www.nest.com/index.html[/url<]

      • UberGerbil
      • 8 years ago

      Low voltage only, so of no use for me.

    • MadManOriginal
    • 8 years ago

    Holy poop @ Netflix stock.

    Buying opportunity or a falling knife that’s not worth catching?

      • JohnC
      • 8 years ago

      Eh… Personally I would’ve stopped subscribing to it long time ago, if not for some other family members who still like to use it, mostly because of its availability on just about every device capable of streaming movies. Netflix’s steaming library is pretty poor and the speed they convert movies to it is (IMO) not really acceptable.

    • wingless
    • 8 years ago

    Bulldozer is very fast in Linux! Windows 7’s scheduler is really holding Zambezi back just as Microsoft said. Windows 8 to the rescue….

      • chuckula
      • 8 years ago

      Bulldozer is about as fast on Linux as it is on Windows, which is to say that it can beat a 2500K in heavily threaded benchmarks. Phoronix used very heavily threaded benchmarks that should be extremely favorable to Bulldozer, and even then the results are not outstanding.

      Also note that: 1. There was no 2600K used in the review. 2. I’m suspicious of some of the heavily multi-threaded results where the 6 core Intel CPUs put in very bad showings, and I’m not talking about vs. Bulldozer I’m talking about vs. the 2500K where super-threaded applications should still favor a chip with 6 physical cores and hyperthreading vs. a chip with only 4 cores and no hyperthreading.

      Phoronix does not employ the same stringent uniformity between test systems that Techreport and other professional hardware review sites use. They do put up interesting information, and they are one of the few sites that actually show Linux benchmarks, but you can’t take what they give you at face value much of the time.

      • FuturePastNow
      • 8 years ago

      Windows 8 isn’t going to save Bulldozer. People who think it will are living in denial.

      A better scheduler will allow Bulldozer to 1) use its Turbo mode more often and 2) completely shut down idle modules more often. Yes, this will produce a measurable improvement in benchmarks (by a single-digit percentage), but the processor has such low IPC that adding a couple hundred MHz won’t be noticeable to you. The power savings won’t be noticeable, either, unless you’re running a datacenter full of them.

      The real lesson from Phoronix’s review is that most Linux software is multithreaded and can be compiled with significant optimizations for specific processors. Neither is true of Windows software and Win8 isn’t going to change that one bit.

      • Yeats
      • 8 years ago

      [quote<]Bulldozer is very fast in Linux! Windows 7's scheduler is really holding Zambezi back just as Microsoft said. Windows 8 to the rescue....[/quote<] Enjoy your +10%. Unless your applications are multithreaded-friendly, an improved scheduler will have limited impact.

      • Deanjo
      • 8 years ago

      While Windows scheduler is not optimal for BD, it should be noted that the Linux benchmarks posted contained no specific tweaks to the scheduler or the Linux kernel. The gains in BD performance in Linux are coming from compiler runtime optimization. You would likely see similar gains in Windows as well if the applications were compiled again to utilize BD’ s feature set regardless of the schedular issue. With further tweaks made to the Linux kernel, compilers, software source code a much larger gain is still to be had.

    • PrincipalSkinner
    • 8 years ago

    Only one Steve Jobs related news. Things are looking up!

    • Arclight
    • 8 years ago

    I’ll be buying BF3 (PC version) in about 2 weeks, man i can hardly wait.

      • mcnabney
      • 8 years ago

      I hope there is nothing on your PC that you don’t want EA to know about.

      BF3 requires Origin and Origin pretty much inventories everything that has ever been installed/loaded on your computer and reports it back. Sleep tight!

        • Arclight
        • 8 years ago

        I’m planning on buying a hardcopy so they won’t have my real name/ address. Hell in the BETA i remember saying in some of the question that i was from Italy. If they really have something on me it will be hard to determine who i am. Frankly i doubt they will drive they’re business into the ground by hunting people down with the info they uncover.

        Let’s say, for argument’s sake and i’m not admiting anything, it founds a game installed that is actually pirated. How will Origin ever know if it’s pirated or not? It sees the program but i doubt they can find more information other than that.

        PS: I didn’t thumb you down.

          • JohnC
          • 8 years ago

          Theoretically the Origin’s program can determine if that game’s launcher file was… “modified” in some way, but… I highly doubt they will ever bother going after that stuff. Just buy the game and enjoy playing it. I still have some… “interesting” content on various storage devices connected to my PC, I’m not worried about “evil” Origin “reporting” it to “the people in black helicopters”.

            • MadManOriginal
            • 8 years ago

            Watch out bro, they’ve already detected your unnecessary excessive use of quotes and are on their way!

    • ColdMist
    • 8 years ago

    BF3. I got in and played for an hour. Much better than the beta. The whole feel of the main menus and everything is better. Gameplay was about the same, so pretty good.

    If you have a joystick, just make sure to have the throttle set at 0, otherwise, your gun won’t work right 😉

    • The Dark One
    • 8 years ago

    “Rogers” and “worst” being used in the same sentence? I am shocked, [i<]shocked[/i<], I tell you!

      • dpaus
      • 8 years ago

      Oh, that’s harsh! How can you kick them when they’ve finally achieved their goal of being a true industry leader?

        • Deanjo
        • 8 years ago

        Industry leader in what? Screwing over their customers?

          • dpaus
          • 8 years ago


          Sorry, I forgot to insert the [sarcasm] tags again, my bad.

      • Suspenders
      • 8 years ago

      A friend of mine I game with gets, in his words, “Rogered” frequently. Definintely not a fan of that company.

      Actually, finding Rogers subscribers who actually love the service is an almost Herculean task. It’s amazing and sad that despite this, they are still one of the largest telecommunications companies in the country. *Sigh*

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