Battlefield rendering architect talks PC graphics

Battlefield 3 is out today, and although I haven't had a chance to load it up just yet, everything I've seen about the game suggests that it will set a new standard for graphical goodness. So, how'd they do it? DICE rendering architect Johan Andersson explained many of the details in a lengthy talk at the GeForce LAN event held a couple of weeks ago. Videos of that presentation are now on YouTube for all to see. Here's the first section of the five-part playlist:

In the roughly hour of footage, Andersson provides loads of interesting information on everything from virtual texturing to how the lighting model interacts with particle effects. Individual scenes are broken down into their component parts to illustrate various effects and help explain why Battlefield 3 looks as good as it does. Even the game's detail levels are explained in, er, detail.

Battlefield 3's low detail level on the PC is apparently similar to what folks will be seeing on consoles. Above that, PC gamers have plenty of extra options to enable, including an ultra mode intended for use with multi-GPU systems. There's also a nifty performance overlay that provides real-time information on CPU and GPU utilization while you're playing the game.

After being somewhat let down by my initial Rage experience, I can only hope that Battlefield 3 lives up to the hype. Me and the Battlefield series go way back, and we've already got a date for tonight.

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