Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim requirements revealed

On the heels of Batman: Arkham City developers Rocksteady Studios, Bethesda has revealed the minimum and recommend PC requirements for its next game. Shacknews has the skinny. The minimum requirements are fairly tame, as minimum reqs tend to be, but the recommended specs are worthy of note:

Recommended PC specification:
  • Quad-core Intel/AMD CPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • DirectX 9 video card with 1GB RAM - Nvidia GTX 260/AMD Radeon 4890 or better
  • Windows XP/7
  • 6GB hard disk space
  • DirectX compatible soundcard

While the game apparently doesn't need a particularly speedy graphics card (the GeForce GTX 260 is over three years old), Bethesda recommends a quad-core processor. That makes it sound as though Skyrim will have a greater appetite for CPU performance than some of its contemporaries. Arkham City's requirements call for only a fast dual-core chip.

According to a tweet by Bethesda marketeer Pete Hines, the minimum Skyrim requirements quoted by Shacknews will "get you playing," while the recommended specs quoted above will "let you play on High, not on Ultra." Yes, the game will apparently benefit from a faster graphics processor than the GTX 260 or Radeon HD 4890—shocking, I know.

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