New Samsung SSDs hit Newegg, bring Batman sidekick

Remember that PM830 solid-state drive Samsung introduced in August? We're still waiting for our sample of the successor to the 470 Series SSD, and we may just have to go out and buy one to test. Now we can, because 64 and 128GB flavors have arrived at Newegg.

The 64GB member of the PM830 family, which now appears to be branded the 830 series, is listed at $130, while its 128GB sibling rings in at $230. Those prices are a little higher than the going rate for the competition. Crucial's m4, for example, costs $110 for 64GB and $200 for 128GB. OCZ has the lowest prices for SandForce drives, with the Agility 3 available for $107 for 60GB and only $155 for 120GB. Faster synchronous SandForce configs exemplified by the Vertex 3 ring in at $125 and $200 in their 60 and 120GB flavors.

That said, Samsung is packing a little something extra with 830 series variants 128GB or larger: a free copy of Batman: Arkham City. Yep, game bundles have come to SSDs. The free download will become available when the PC version of Arkham City hits on November 15. Samsung says the deal is good until the end of the year—or while the undisclosed number of promotional copies lasts.

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