Microsoft concept video peers into the future

Microsoft's Office Division has released an intriguing concept video outlining the company's vision for the future of productivity. Office Division president Kurt DelBene expects technology to help "manage our time better, focus our attention on the most important things, and foster meaningful connections with the people we care about." That's all on display in the video, which is slickly produced and filled with interesting interface ideas.

Apparently, gestures and touch-based interfaces will dominate the future. The mouse is nowhere to be found, although stylus input does make an appearance at one worker's desk. Why does the future have such an aversion to the precise simplicity of our desktop rodents?

I guess it's just not flashy enough for a video like this one. The seemingly far-fetched interface elements certainly have more zazz than a mouse cursor, and DelBene insists that they're all based on technologies that exist today or are being explored by R&D departments at Microsoft and other companies. Holographic projections and interactive surfaces aren't outside the realm of possibilities, and they definitely look cool.

Beyond the eye candy is an underlying current of connectivity—to your friends, colleagues, and information, all of which can be accessed seamlessly on multiple devices. That's a future we can probably all get behind... just as long as those devices come with off switches. Thanks to Neowin for the tip.

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