Final Catalyst 11.10 drivers go live

Good news, Radeon users. The flood of hotfixes and preview releases is over—for this month, at least. AMD has released the final version of its Catalyst 11.10 graphics drivers, which got the nod from Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs and can be downloaded now from AMD's Support & Drivers page.

The "new features" section of the official release notes is blank, but AMD said earlier this month that the final 11.10 Catalysts would be largely similar to the 11.10 Preview 3 release. So, it's probably a safe bet that these drivers are similarly tuned for Rage and Battlefield 3.

The final 11.10 release notes do, however, mention a number of unrelated bug fixes. In Windows 7, AMD says it's resolved problems affecting DiRT 2, F1 2010, Google Earth, Homefront, Lost Planet 2, Mafia II, the Unigine Heaven tech demo, and "some OpenGL games." Video playback and multi-monitor bugs have been squashed, too. You can peruse the full release notes for a complete list of the fixes.

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