$189 FirePro V4900 goes all in for EyeFinity

Who says professional graphics cards have to be exorbitantly expensive? AMD's new FirePro V4900 might not have the most pixel-pushing power or the most memory, but it's priced at just $189 and features hexa-display EyeFinity support.

According to AMD's product page, the FirePro V4900's slim, single-slot cooler conceals a GPU with 480 stream processors, a 128-bit memory interface, and 1GB of GDDR5 memory. AMD quotes memory bandwidth of 64GB/s, which hints at a 4 GT/s (or 1000MHz) memory clock speed. The card is supposed to draw less than 75W of power, and the product page suggests both full- and half-height variants are available.

The FirePro V4900 also serves up a couple of DisplayPort 1.2, er, ports as well as a dual-link DVI output. Thanks to its EyeFinity tech, AMD says the card can drive as many as six displays—but that feat will require either DisplayPort 1.2 hubs or DisplayPort 1.2 displays that can be daisy-chained.

The FirePro V4900 should be available today at "select online retailers" for $189. AMD also notes that the card will be offered as part of "select Dell and Fujitsu systems and HP workstations." The company aims this card at digital-content-creation and computer-aided-design professionals.

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