Video teases four-player Syndicate co-op

When EA spilled the beans about its upcoming Syndicate reboot in September, the company mentioned that the game would include a four-player co-op campaign. Earlier today, a video showcasing that campaign made its way onto YouTube. Here it is:

The video doesn't reveal too much, but in September, EA said the co-op element will involve a "separate and deep" campaign designed specifically for co-operative play. It looks like there will definitely be plenty of running and gunning, at least.

I'm glad co-op is making a comeback. Left 4 Dead and its sequel had a nifty co-op element, as did Portal 2—and let's not forget Serious Sam 3, which is due out later this month. Shooting your way through a campaign with friends over voice chat is definitely a ton of fun, and I hope more game studios go the extra mile to include co-op content in the future. (Thanks to Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the link.)

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