Asus only has hard-drive inventory for November

The flooding in Thailand hasn't just caused hard drive prices to go up. According to Reuters, it's also putting the squeeze on PC makers like Asus. The news agency reports that Asus only has enough mechanical hard drives in its inventory to last through this month:

[Asus] added that it has hard disk drive (HDD) inventory until the end of November.

"Substitutes for HHD are very few, so if the situation persists, not only notebook production will be affected but also desktops, and other component shipments will also drop," Asustek CFO David Chang told Reuters.

Not surprisingly, Asus intends to revise its fourth-quarter financial projections this week to account for the developments in the hard-drive market. Reuters quotes Chang as saying some hard-drive prices are "surging 20-40 percent."

We're seeing even greater increases in retail listings. At Amazon, for example, Western Digital's 1TB Caviar Black has skyrocketed to $199.99, up from around $90 less than a month ago.

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