The Linux kernel 2.5 summit

— 8:18 PM on March 31, 2001

LWN has an early report.

This is a preliminary, first-day report, written after 14 hours of sessions and a few beers - it probably has a mistake or two. Expect a slightly more polished version later.

The "Linux 2.5 Kernel Summit" is a two-day affair, held in San Jose, California; the organizers are Usenix and OSDN, and Ted Ts'o in particular. The purpose of this event was to get the core kernel hackers together in one place to meet each other and to look toward the imminent 2.5 development series. The attendee list shows 65 hackers, almost all of whom have names familiar to those who follow kernel development. It's an impressive gathering; more than one attendee has been heard to fret over what would happen to Linux if the big Silicon Valley earthquake were to strike during this event.

Their coverage continues here.
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