Faster mobile Celerons primed for early next year

New mobile Celerons are reportedly coming in the first quarter of next year. Please, contain your excitement. This EE Times report references specifications published by CPU World that point to a handful of new Celerons intended for cheap notebooks and ultraportables.

The fastest of the bunch is the Celeron B815, which is supposed to have dual cores and a 1.6GHz clock speed. Those specifications don't differ from those of the existing B810, but it looks like the B815 will bring slightly faster integrated graphics to the table. The chip has a 1050MHz peak clock speed for its built-in GPU, up 100MHz from the B810. If you can make do with a single core, the Celeron B710 is apparently set to be replaced by the B720. The B720's 1.7GHz core clock speed represents a 100MHz jump from B710, but its 1GHz graphics peak is unchanged.

Although both of those B-grade Celerons are 35W chips, Intel purportedly has some new hotness in the ultra-low-voltage 17W range. The Celeron 797 will sport a single core clocked at 1.4GHz, while the 867 will lose 100MHz but add a second core. Intel's existing ULV Celeron offerings are clocked a little bit slower but appear to be otherwise identical.

With Ivy Bridge not due out until next spring, these new Celerons should allow notebook makers to refresh their budget offerings with a little extra oomph. I'd love to see the 867 pop up in an ultraportable alternative to the incoming wave of ultrabooks—at half the price.

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