Report: AMD plans executive exodus

AMD has brought in some new blood recently. Rory Read took over as CEO in August, and Mark Papermaster recently joined in as Chief Technology Officer. The company may now be preparing itself for a subsequent bloodletting—according to SemiAccurate, the chipmaker is planning some executive layoffs.

The site says these layoffs will take place "in the next two weeks or so." While it doesn't cite an official source, it says "SemiAccurate moles" confirmed the rumor after spending several days in Silicon Valley. There's no word yet on who will be getting the axe, nor how extensive the layoffs will be.

AMD enacted repeated mass firings a few years back, when it was hemorrhaging money—once in April 2008, another in November of that same year, and again in January 2009. The company has been profitable for some time now, though; its third-quarter financial results showed growth in both revenue and net income. Perhaps the rumored layoffs have to do with the underwhelming Bulldozer launch.

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