Poll: What's the best premium upgrade?

When upgrading their PCs, most enthusiasts seem to focus on swapping in faster CPUs and graphics cards. The CPU has the biggest impact on overall system performance, and one's graphics card is typically the limiting factor in games. There are plenty of other ways to make your PC experience more of a premium one, though. Upgrading a system's peripheral devices can make it look and feel much more luxurious. Then there are the internals, which can be spruced up with solid-state storage and liquid cooling, among other exotic components.

In our latest poll, we're curious about where you think upgrade money is best spent once a system's CPU and GPU are sorted out. Would you rather add a little clickety-clack to your keyboard, higher-fidelity audio output to your speakers, some IPS love to your monitor, or perhaps something else entirely? You can cast your vote below or in the middle column on the front page.

Our last poll tabulated your reactions to Bulldozer, which are pretty negative overall. 43% called the CPU disappointing but serviceable, and 22% think it's bad enough to be difficult to salvage. 21% aren't impressed at all, deeming Bulldozer an epic fail. Only 14% of the folks who voted classified Bulldozer as a decent start on a new generation. Even in an enthusiast community that has traditionally be very friendly to the underdog, AMD still has a considerable amount of ground to make up.

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