Gigabyte shows off '3D' UEFI implementation

Gigabyte has famously dragged its feet in transitioning its motherboard firmware from old-school BIOSes to next-generation UEFIs. What has the motherboard maker been working on all this time? 3D BIOS, which despite the name, is an honest-to-goodness UEFI with a novel alternative interface. Gigabyte's Stewart Haston, who reminds me a little bit of Denholm Reynholm from The IT Crowd, shows off the new interface in the video below:

In addition to an advanced mode that organizes tweaking options with a largely text-based interface, the UEFI's 3D mode starts with a picture of the motherboard itself. Selecting different regions of the board brings up lists of related options, complete with sliders for things like clock speeds and voltages. There's also a monitoring overlay that tracks system variables, although it's partly obscured in the video by one of the on-screen menus.

The interface looks reasonably responsive, and I don't see any obnoxious mouse flickering. However, it's unclear whether the new UEFI brings Gigabyte's fan speed controls out of the stone ages. Fingers crossed.

This new UEFI will make its official debut with Gigabyte's X79 motherboards. Rest assured we'll be taking a closer look at it and other new motherboard firmware when Intel's Sandy Bridge-E processors hit.

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