April Fool's Day

  1. bluescreenofdeth gives away GeForce 3 cards
  2. Hexus on AMD's acquisition of VIA (thanks to Philip Brown for this link)
  3. 3DSpotlight reports that BitBoys will buy NVIDIA
  4. Microsoft sponsors The Register
  5. previews GeForce 3 MX
  6. Mikhailtech lit up in red
No pun intended

  1. ZZZ online number 77
  2. 3DnHardware reviews RumbleFX forcefeedback headphones
  3. Digit Life reviews Olympus Camedia E-10 and Asus Terminator (J-project)
  4. Pro Cooling on PSU technology
  5. Dan's Data reviews Skyhawk Eagle AL-ATX4378+C-SL case
  6. AMDZone reviews Tt Super Orb
  7. VideoCardDrivers reviews GlobalWin CAF12
  8. TacoNuts reviews 3DfxCOOL Voodoo-1-120 cooler
  9. HardwareOC reviews OCZ Glacier2 HSF
  10. SpeedGuide's logo contest
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