Sunday Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. 9 to 5 Mac's exclusive: Apple VP of Global Security John
    Theriault departs company following lost iPhone 4S investigation
  2. PreCentral: hp laptop + TouchPad bundle extended to Walmart, makes
    us wonder about that whole "out of stock" thing (thanks dpaus)
  3. reports Asus release 27" LED VG278H 3D display
  4. Play: Massive Mass Effect 3 leak?
  5. Kotaku: Activision cools fears of pre-release Modern Warfare 3 bannings
  6. Star Wars: The Old Republic: Early game access details revealed
  7. Battlefield Blog: New Battlefield 3 fixes, Go Back to
    Karkand in Dec, chat with Peter Moore & more
  8. Bethesda Blog announces Skyrim has gone gold


  1. KitGuru reveals the timeline for hard drive price reductions
  2. BusinessWeek: Google isn't 'dominant' in Internet search, Eric Schmidt say
  3. on the DRM graveyard: a brief history of digital rights management in music
  4. Engadget podcast 263
  5. TUAW reports Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview coming to theaters in November

  1. Betanews: The Siri outage reveals its failure
  2. TechCrunch: Siri and the iPhone's physical keyboard
  3. Mashable reports AT&T LTE service coming to NYC
  4. Engadget: Dell Latitude S tablet available for pre-order, might just arrive before Christmas
  5. hp TouchPad Device Purchase Program
  6. Engadget's Samsung Focus Flash review
  7. Engadget mobile podcast 111
Software and gaming

  1. Phoronix reports Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to target 750MB image
  2. VirtualBox
  3. [H]ard|Forums: Firefox 8 RC published for download
  4. Bethesda Blog on VGA nominees: Skyrim up for GOTY
  5. Diablo III beta patch 5 notes
  6. World of Warcraft PTR patch 4.3 notes

  1. Engadget's Dell Inspiron 14z review
  2. The SSD Review on 120GB Silicon Power Velox V20 SATA II SSD
  3. Tech ARP's mobile GPU comparison guide rev. 12.2
  4. Tbreak reviews 1250W OCZ ZX series PSU
  5. Real World Labs on NZXT Havik 140 CPU cooler
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