Monday Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. AppleInsider reports Google chairman tells U.S.
    senators Apple's Siri could pose 'competitive threat'
  2. TG Daily cites report: CDs are officially over
  3. VR-Zone: Mainstream desktop CPU's future evolution -
    more performance or just more integration?
  4. ATi-Forum has new information about AMD's Trinity (in German)
  5. All About Microsoft: ChevronWP7team delivers tool for unlocking Windows Phones
  6. Windows 8 Beta: Windows 8 pre-beta build screenshots leaked,
    shows off Start Screen color customization and summary view
  7. Official CoD: Modern Warfare 3 live action trailer featuring celebrities
  8. CoD: Modern Warfare 3 - Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish


  1. InfoWorld reports AT&T extends deal for T-Mobile deal to close
  2. Mashable: Apple gives its key execs $400 million in bonuses
  3. C|Net reports Foxconn to build Taiwan's 'robot kingdom'
  4. Dealzon's deals: $500 coupon for 17.3” hp Envy 17, $50 coupon for 15.6”
    hp G6s i3-2330M / 6GB RAM, $500 coupon 14” hp Envy 14 i7-2670QM,
    and $130 coupon for 11.6” Lenovo S205 AMD Fusion

  1. Switched On: Motorola's manic modularity
  2. Neowin's editorial: Windows phone needs dual-core processors, and soon
  3. Gizmodo on bugs: The iPhone 4S keeps setting outgoing calls on mute
  4. Engadget's Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S review
  5. Engadget reports Atari Greatest Hits app lands in
    Android Market, Star Raiders await your download
Software and gaming

  1. Phoronix posts Ubuntu 12.04 Developer Summit summary
  2. Kinect Effect (video)
  3. The best of Zeth's Ubuntu 11.10 review
  4. Neowin's editorial: Perception is killing Internet Explorer
  5. Neowin reports Xbox Live accounts being compromised, money taken
  6. TweakTown's Battlefield 3 (PC) review
  7. TestFreaks on Nyko charge base for Nintendo 3DS
  8. MegaTech Reviews on The War of the Worlds for XBLA

  1. Tech ARP's BIOS option of the week - Intel dynamic acceleration
  2. Big Bruin reviews Asus Maximus IV Extreme
  3. Rbmods on Asus P8P67 Pro B3 rev 3.1 motherboard
  4. VR-Zone's 3-way AMD A75 / A55 Llano motherboards shootout
  5. The SSD Review on 64GB OCZ Synapse Cache SATA 3 SSD
  6. Hardware Heaven reviews LEPA LPC302 series case
  7. Hi Tech Legion reviews Antec Solo II case
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