Intel: Android 4.0 has x86 optimizations

Ice Cream Sandwich devices with Intel inside are on the way. Barely two months after teaming up with Google to tune Android for Atom CPUs, Intel has revealed that the latest Android release already includes x86 optimizations. IDG News has the scoop:

The OS is ready to work with tablets and smartphones based on Intel's x86 mobile processors for tablets and smartphones, Intel said this week. The first smartphone based on an Intel chip will reach the market in the first half of next year, Intel has said. Intel moved away from its own MeeGo OS in favor of Android, and the chip maker has been working closely with Google on developing a version of Android for Intel-based smartphones and tablets.

"Ice Cream Sandwich includes OS optimization for x86, so Intel architecture-based devices can support it," said Suzy Greenberg, an Intel spokeswoman.

The first Intel-powered Android handsets should feature Medfield, a 32-nm Atom chip Intel has tailored for not just smartphones, but tablets, as well. At Computex in May, Intel said Medfield-powered tablets will be thinner than 0.35" and lighter than 1.5 lbs. That means they could be comparable to today's 10-inch, ARM-powered offerings.

Medfield should be in production this year. According to a CNet News piece posted in June, though, the chip won't actually be out until the first half of 2012. (Thanks to Liliputing for the tip.)

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