Sharky Extreme's Alex Ross bids adieu

— 3:42 PM on April 1, 2001

After many years of yeoman service, Alex Ross gives us his 'private bye' (dated March 29).

After three really, really good years sharing the majority of the days, nights and weekends with you guys/girls the time has come for me to move over and swim off into the sunset.

But before you hear the last of me on, I just wanted to thank each and every one of you folks that have come and helped me direct this site from its inception. It's been one hell of an amazing ride. From rags to riches, from Celeron 300A to Athlon 1.33GHz & Pentium 4, from Voodoo2 to GeForce3, you were such a big part/reason for sharkyextreme coming into existence and getting off the ground. Your comments, feedback, stories and communication was the most fun part of every day. Thank you and I'll miss you...

Sharky Extreme will go on. Read the rest of Sharky's valedictory here.
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