Leaked slides spill Haswell details

Ivy Bridge isn't due out until next spring, but already, details are emerging on its Haswell successor. Haswell will be the first major architectural refresh since Sandy Bridge, and Intel talked briefly about it at IDF a couple of months ago. Now, presentation slides have leaked out revealing much more about the chip and its associated platform.

Let's start with the socket, which will purportedly have 1150 pins and require new motherboards. The desktop versions of Haswell will evidently have four cores that share their last-level cache with the integrated graphics, just like Sandy Bridge does today. 16 PCI Express 3.0 lanes branch off from the CPU, which will apparently support two channels of DDR3 memory clocked at up to 1600MHz. Hyper-Threading, Turbo Boost, and AVX 2.0 extensions are all a part of the package, which will supposedly include "overclocking improvements" of an unspecified nature.

According to the slides, desktop versions of Haswell will come with TDP ratings in the 35-95W range. Mobile versions with more powerful integrated graphics will have 37-57W TDPs. There's also mention of a 15W flavor designed specifically for ultrabooks; that version of Haswell looks more like a system on a chip, with dual cores, integrated graphics, and a Lynx Point chipset shacking up on a single package.

Intel demoed a system running Haswell during IDF, so working silicon exists already. The slides say products based on the new architecture won't be out until 2013, though.

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