Duron hits 900MHz. Officially.

AMD's turning the crank once more with their Celeron killer (and, IMHO, Pentium III killer), the Duron. They've now released the 900MHz verison. From the AMD press release:
SUNNYVALE, CA-APRIL 2, 2001-AMD today announced the availability of the 900MHz AMD Duron(tm) processor, its highest performance AMD Duron processor to date. Designed to meet the needs-today and tomorrow-of value-conscious home and office desktop computer users, the 900MHz AMD Duron processor enhances AMD's processor lineup, which delivers a full spectrum of innovative solutions.
Of course, Durons have been hitting 900MHz and above, without AMD's sanction, for a while now. See our Duron vs. T-bird comparison for tests of a Duron at speeds up to 950MHz, alongside Athlon T-bird scores for comparison.

If you feel the need for reviews of the AMD-sanctioned Duron 900, you can give these a shot:

I'm sure there are more reviews to come. Durons will be priced at $90, $111, and $129 for the 800MHz, 850MHz, and 900MHz models, respectively.
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