Nvidia posts solid quarterly growth

You might think being the only GPU maker without an x86 license would be hurting Nvidia's bottom line right about now, but the company seems to be doing quite well for itself. Nvidia's latest quarterly results, which cover the three months ended October 30, show revenue growth of 4.9% from to the previous quarter and 26.3% from to the same quarter a year back. The firm's gross margin has also set a "fifth consecutive record." Take a look:

  Q3 FY'11 Q2 FY'12 Q3 FY'12
Revenue $843.9 million $1.017 billion $1.066 billion
Net income $84.9 million $151.6 million $178.3 million
Gross margin 46.5% 51.7% 52.2%

Nvidia's CEO chalks up the growth to demand for gaming and professional GPUs, not to mention Nvidia's Tegra system-on-a-chip product family (which gained a new member earlier this week):

"NVIDIA's strategy is coming into its own, as the world becomes increasingly visual and mobile," said Jen-Hsun Huang, president and chief executive of NVIDIA. "Our GPU business accelerated in the third quarter, driven by strong demand from gamers and the professional market. And our mobile business benefited from new devices coming onto the market. With Tegra 3 phone wins well ahead of Tegra 2's pace, we're expecting strong growth in the year ahead."

The company doesn't expect huge growth in the ongoing fiscal quarter, though. It says revenue will be flat, give or take a couple percent, while gross margin will be "flat to up 0.5%."

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