Interview reveals major government security vulnerabilities

DuRab, member of the security site COTSE, has published this interview with
hacker Fuqrag. Fuqrag, an associate of the now-infamous flipz,
describes some of the techniques they use to exploit servers and gives a
glipse into the mind of malicious hacking. The really concerning part
of the interview is Fuqrag’s extremely casual attitude about being able
to gain access to many government servers at will.

DuRab: Aren’t you afraid of getting raided?

Fuqrag: No, im not for a few reasons. One, I bounce through so many
local phone systems before I dial into an account at an ISP which I
don’t own (laughs). After all of that I chain proxies and wingates and
stuff until I’m bouncing all over the goddamned world. I met up with
some guys on a private network, from all over the world, and on new
years eve, we’re gonna pick 100 boxes each and hit them all on that
night. There are so many government boxes that are simple to crack, and
the defacements we do are only half the story. We’ve been probing
internal networks, I was on one last night, which had an 8-gigabyte
database of government employees.

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