Lenovo said to be planning $800 ThinkPad for next year

We already know Asus has some $600 ultrabooks lined up for next year. What do other PC makers have up their sleeves? The folks at The Verge claim to have gotten hold of a "secret" roadmap, and they say Lenovo will release an $800 ThinkPad ultrabook in May or June 2012.

The $800 machine, which The Verge describes it as a "mainstream" product, will have a 14" display. Intel's 22-nm Ivy Bridge processors are said to be part of the formula, just like with the cheaper Asus systems. Lenovo reportedly has another Ivy Bridge-infused ThinkPad ultrabook in the works, too: a 13-inch "premium" machine with a price tag of $1300 or more. Details are slim for the time being, though; we'll no doubt find out more as we get closer to the rumored launch time frame.

I was quite infatuated with my 14" ThinkPad T41 a few years back, but I've been disappointed with Lenovo's more recent efforts. Today's ThinkPads all too often seem to have lackluster displays, dinky touchpads, bulky frames, and inflated prices. Here's hoping both Ivy Bridge and the whole ultrabook phenomenon help breathe new life into the ThinkPad product family.

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